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  • health-benefits-of-desi-cow-milk

Welcome to Shree Krishna Milk & Milk Products

a2 milk in pune

Shrikrishna Milk & Milk products is committed to spreading awareness about and making available the unique health benefits of A2 dairy milk which is produced from Desi Gir cow. We supply raw, unadulterated, fresh milk to your doorstep. Our team is dedicated to provide pure and fresh produce milk within hours directly from farm. We are proud to provide people, a treasure to robust physical and mental health.We provide best quality products with purity and freshness which makes difference. We provide gir cow's A2 milk to your doorstep. In such pandemic situation like COVID-19 we are taking all type of precautions to serve you best and safe service at your home.We think that you deserve the best. We provide fresh milk, ghee, curd etc. All our products are good for health and there is no adultration in any product.

Star Your Morning With Pure and Fresh Dairy Products

Trusted pure, fresh and fast delivery from farm to your doorstep.

100% Pure

Introducing ‘Benefits’ Of Gir Cow's A2 Milk

Pure Gir cow milk has calcium, phosphorus, rich fats, potassium which helps to maintain blood pressure.

It contains some acids which helps in removing of bad cholesterol.

It acids helps in reduction in cholesterol furthur it helps in improving the heart health.

Gir Cow's Milk is Makes body, brain healthy. Improves the digestive system. Increases immune power of our body.

It contains Omega-2 and Vitamin A which keep your eyesight healthy.

Regular intake of gir cow's milk help to increase good cholesterol.

As it include calcium, it is good for strong bones and teeths and muscles.

It contains healthy fat and nutritive values hence it is also result in weight loss

Vitamin B and B12 helps in maintain stress and sleep cycle and make memory sharpen.

Gir Cow's ghee help to slow down aging process.

Gir cow's ghee makes your voice soft and melodies.

Gir cow's ghee include vitamin A2, E, D and Omega 3.

Why us

  • Farm Fresh: Milk is delivered directly from our dairy farm within few hours of milking for freshness and quality.
  • Organic: We do not use growth hormone injections or antibiotics on our cows. Our cows are fed with organic fodder and graze in pasture.
  • Healthy: Our cow milk is full of minerals and vitamins. Raw. We do not process the milk to maintain unique nutritional content in the milk.
  • Delicious: Experience the unique flavour and consistency of fresh A2 cow milk.
  • Pure: We do not compromise on the quality. It is delivered by our own team. It never changes hands.
  • Clean and Hygienic : We follow very high benchmarks to produce excellent quality milk.

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